Another big update this month! We'll also probably say the same next month, as we've got some more exciting changes already underway :)

View & filter on event totals + last seen dates

In the past, if you wanted to view how many events a customer generated, you needed to navigate to that customer's dashboard. We're happy to say we've made that process a lot easier!

To view event totals for all customers, simply click on the Columns dropdown in the top right of our Customers Explorer. Then, just locate and enable the event you'd like to view totals for. You can even enable a column showing the last date each customer sent the event.


We've also added support to filter customers based on these event totals and last seen dates, including when creating Indicators. This way, you can easily trigger alerts the moment a customer stops using a specific feature in your product.

Views - Create, save, and share customized reports

With the above enhancements, Vitally may very well provide access to hundreds of data points about your customers. With so much data available, you'll probably want to save off your most compelling reports for easy access later. That's where our new Views feature comes into play.


Views give you the ability to save the current 'state' of your report so that you, or your team, can access it later. Views persist practically every aspect of your report:

  • Visible columns + their ordering
  • Any applied filters
  • The column your customers are sorted by

Views are quite powerful, and you can create any number of them in your beta accounts. Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like some help in creating the ideal Views for your account!

Column reordering

You can also now reorder columns so that your most essential data is displayed first. Column ordering will be maintained in any Views, as well.


New default engagement metrics

We now provide 2 new engagement metrics for each of your customers:

Active user percent
Tracks the percent of a customer's users that have used your product within the last 30 days.

Product engagement status
A flag indicating if a customer is currently using your product. There are 4 possible values here:

  1. Engaged - The customer last used your product within the last 15 days and was not previously unengaged (see below).
  2. Returned - The customer last used your product within the last 15 days and was previously unengaged.
  3. Losing interest - The customer last used your product within the last 16-30 days.
  4. Unengaged - The customer hasn't used your product for at least 30 days.

We also provide a breakdown of your customers' product engagement status as you run your reports, allowing you to easily filter by a specific status.


Finally, note that moving forward, we will only be counting active customers against any customer limits (i.e. customers that have used your product within the last 30 days). So for any beta accounts that have reached our current customer limit of 3000, you should now have a bit more room :)

That's it for now. Interested in trying these new features out? Join our open beta - it's 100% free! Or, follow us on Twitter for future product updates.

The Vitally team