First product update of 2018! To check out these changes yourself, join our 100% free open beta...did we mention it's free?

New navigation + New pages to manage your data

We thought it was a bit difficult to get to some of the features in Vitally, so we shuffled some things around and made your Success Metrics, Indicators, and Team a bit more accessible.


With this change, we redesigned navigation a bit to better surface these new pages. Rather than having a few links in the horizontal navigation bar, we instead opted for a vertical navigation menu that gives you access to all significant features in Vitally.

We hope these changes make exploring Vitally a bit easier!

In-app help tips

You may notice these new help tips scattered throughout the app upon your next login:


These 'help tips' aim to guide you around the app, introducing you to the most essential features and use cases. If you find them a bit 'much' though, you can always turn them off - we won't be offended ๐Ÿ˜€

A new, live demo

Want to see Vitally in action (well, with fake data)? We've got a new, live demo available here!

While the data is fake, we've done our best to simulate a realistic environment. The demo is built as if you are a Customer Success leader at a company providing a project/task management tool (e.g. Asana, Trello, etc). Companies purchase your (hypothetical) product so that their employees can plan their projects and manage their daily tasks. Thus, measuring metrics like tasks being created and completed by users is essential to the success of the product, which is why you'll find Success Metrics like Tasks created per user and Percentage of tasks completed defined for each customer.

Feel free to play around with the live demo here.

That's it for now. Interested in trying these new features out? Join our open beta - it's 100% free! Or, follow us on Twitter for future product updates.