Big update to go over, so let's jump right into it!

New customer dashboard

The dashboard for a single customer has been completely redesigned to give you a clearer picture of the customer's current engagement with your product.


Some of this will look familiar - for example, the customer's current Success Metric values - but a lot is brand new, including:

  • Events: View which individual events the customer's users are most often generating.
  • Total + active users (%): Easily see the percentage of licenses that have been active at a customer over the past 30 days and if that is trending up or down.
  • Engagement 'heatmap': Get a sense of recurring engagement with a 'heatmap' showing daily active user percentage for the last 12 weeks.
  • Activity timeline: See which users have done which activities recently.

Also, you'll notice on the left that there's some extra aspects to the dashboard, which include...


Our revamped Metrics section now has the ability to graph multiple Success Metrics together. Additionally, you can also now select individual events to include on the graph. Just note that events are graphed based on the number of times that event was generated by the customer's users each day, which is slightly different than a Success Metric (which graphs the customer's Success Metric value for each day).



Want to see what a specific user has been up to with your product? The Users section displays a list of the customer's users alongside their individual traits. Once you click on a user, we'll then show you that user's recent activity with your product!


Oh, and you can also now search for individual users via the global search button in the top right navigation.


Discover some interesting finding about a customer or want to document a recent interaction? Our new 'Notes' feature allows you to track the data points that occur outside of your product! You can also add colorful tags to notes to help keep things organized and can even pin notes to the dashboard so that critical findings are front-and-center for all users.


Customize your dashboard

The default view of the new dashboard shows up to 5 traits and total event counts for the customer. If you'd like to prioritize certain traits and events to show over others, we've got you covered. Just head over to your Account Settings, where you'll see the ability to manage your customer Traits and Events.

Integrate Vitally with over 1,000 apps with our Zapier integration

Big user of Zapier? We are, which is why we are thrilled to launch a (beta) Zapier integration! With this integration, you can:

  • Sync our customer data, Success Metric values, and Indicators to your other systems like Intercom and Salesforce (e.g. add active Risk Indicators for a customer to their record in Salesforce)
  • Update customer traits in Vitally with data from your other systems (e.g. sync details about the customer's subscription in Stripe to Vitally)
  • Mark customers as 'ignored' in Vitally based on data from other systems (e.g. 'ignore' a customer in Vitally once their subscription is canceled in Stripe)

Because the integration is currently in beta, you'll need to first accept a 'private' invite to use the integration. To do so, simply enable the Zapier integration in the Integrations list found under your Account Settings.


Once you've accepted the invite, 'Vitally' should show as a normal app in your Zapier apps list.

What's next?

This update is only the first of many in the next couple months that will see major changes to Vitally. Want to get a glimpse at what's coming up next? Check out our new homepage, which details some of our most significant, upcoming changes! And of course, feel free to shoot us a note if you'd like to know more about anything you see there.


That's it for now. Interested in trying these new features out? Join our open beta - it's 100% free! Or, follow us on Twitter for future product updates.

The Vitally team